Student FAQ

Student FAQ

Site: ICFAI Flexible Learning Programs
Course: ICFAI Flexible Learning Programs
Book: Student FAQ
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Date: Sunday, 26 January 2020, 2:46 PM

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How do I log in to ICFAI Online Programs?

Log in to the ICFAI Online Programs site using your username and password.






How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, click on ‘Lost password? in the Login block.  Search with your username or email address so an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again. 

               lost password                  

reset password

How do I avoid site display inconsistencies?

Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome latest version for avoiding display inconsistencies. Upgrade your browser to the most recent version and to have more than one browser installed on your computer. If you encounter problems using Moodle in a browser, move to another browser to resolve your issue. 

firefox chrome

How do I get around the site?

Use the Navigation block on the right side of your screen to navigate around any part of the site you have access to.

How do I update my profile?

Click on My profile and View profile link in the Navigation block. Scroll down to Settings block and click on Edit profile to update your profile - add a brief description about yourself and to upload or drag and drop your picture.


How do I access my course(s)?

My home page (your logged in page) lists your courses under Course overview. Click on a course to access your course content.

Or My courses link in the Navigation block lists the courses you are enrolled in.

How do I find course resources or activities?

Use the Section links or Activities block to find your course resources and activities. Click on Resources in the Activities block to view the list of resources topic-wise. Click on Assignments, Quizzes and Forums to view and access your course activities. To go to the current topic, click on the highlighted topic number or on Jump to current topic.


How do I go to other courses from my current course?

Click on My courses in the Navigation block and click on the course you wish to go to.

How do I get back to my course page from an activity or resource page?

Click on the course name in the navigation bar located at the top left of your screen.

navigation bar

How do I initiate/reply to a discussion?

Follow the steps detailed hereunder to initiate or reply to a discussion.

  1. In your course page, navigate to the forum you wish to post in.  
  2. Click Add a new discussion topic to initiate a new discussion.
  3. Click on the discussion already initiated and on Reply to post a reply.


forum reply

How do I submit my quiz?

Follow the steps detailed hereunder to submit your quiz. 

quiz attempt

quiz finish attempt

quiz submission